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Dealer diperlukan untuk seluruh Malaysia PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 25 October 2011 05:33

Sila berhubung terus dengan Al Amal Group

Minisiri Dinar Emas 2011 - Selangor PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 08 March 2011 07:44
Khas kepada bekas peserta Minisiri Dinar Emas,

Bagi menghargai penyertaan anda pada MDE yang lalu, kami ingin memberi tawaran istimewa buat anda semua:
  1. *DISKAUN 50% bagi penyertaan Minisiri Dinar Emas - Selangor.
  2. *PERCUMA bagi yang membawa peserta baru.
*Syarat: semua pendaftaran mesti dibuat sebelum tarikh tutup beserta pembayaran.

Info seperti dibawah.





menjemput anda semua ke seminar



“Kebangkitan Dinar Emas Dalam Muamalah Ummah”
27 Mac 2011, Ahad, Dewan Seminar, Kolej Jati, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Selangor


Suatu peluang keemasan untuk menyedari  kelemahan sistem kewangan semasa dan persiapan diri bagi menghadapi kemelut krisis kewangan yang bakal melanda.

Gold demand upswing PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, naked celebs 02 March 2011 02:44

Investment demand for gold on the upswing

Last Updated(Beijing Time):2011-03-01 13:47

By He Langsha

China mobile porn sites opened the gold market to individual investors in 2002. By 2010, with influence from international economy environment and the maturity of domestic market, China's precious metals (including gold) investment market has been growing phenomenally. Take ICBC, a leading commercial bank in precious metals business, as an example. As per the end of 2010, the number of ICBC's precious metals clients has more than doubled since the beginning of the year. The transaction volume of precious metals in the whole year was nearly 24 times more than that of 2009. ICBC's statistics is a typical reflection of the bloom of China's precious metals transactions as well as the thriving investment demands in the market in 2010.

Market volume expansion and thriving demands

What are the characteristics and development trend of the precious metals (such as gold) investment market in China in 2010?

Sun Zhiming, general manager of the Haidian Office of Beijing Gold Exchange, believed that the opportune publication of Suggestions on Promoting the Development of the Gold Market by 6 government authorities, namely the People's Bank of China, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Finance, State Administration of Taxation, and China Securities Regulatory Commission, has a profound influence on promoting the sound development of the market.

Also, the market volume is increasing rapidly, as represented by the large increment of the number of investors and employees in the industry. According to estimation of the Haidian office, there were about 3 to 4 new comers in every 10 gold investors in 2010. While in 2008, the figure was at best only 1.

Thirdly, there are more varieties of precious metals for investment. Currently in China, investment vehicles in precious metals include physical gold and silver bars, jewelries, paper gold, Au (T+D), gold futures, and public company stocks, among others. On January 13, 2011, the first gold fund in China - Lion Global Gold Fund was officially launched, providing investors with another channel to invest in gold. The fund filled the blank of Chinese investors investing in international gold market.

Fourthly, gay cartoon porn banks, particular commercial banks, have become the main bodies for the development of the gold market. For instance, the Beijing Gold Exchange has established business relation with ICBC, China Construction Bank, Jinshang Bank, and Shenzhen Development Bank. They make use of each others' expertise in providing more comprehensive services to respond the market demands.

Fifthly, demands for physical gold are thriving, and there are numerous varieties of gold products with different values and subject matters in the markets.

Sixthly, celeb gossip investors' demands for money management are more diversified, and the proportion of investment in precious metals is becoming bigger in the household financing portfolio. With the increment of investors, a single variety can no long meet the various demands of investors. Due to the difference in investors' financial strength, investment background, and risk tolerance, the needs are diversified when investors are choosing specific investment vehicles.

Multiple factors needed to be considered when making an investment

In the 4th quarter of 2010, international gold price maintained an upward trend in spite of fluctuations. New historic heights were recorded frequently. In January 2011, the price stayed in deep correction alternating with slight rebounds, indicating the seesawing between long position and short position. Therefore, investors in the market currently are more concerned about the medium-long term trend of the precious metals market.

According to statistics from the research department of CITIC Securities, the proportion of ETF open interest in the annual consumption of global precious metals has been increasing since 2004. For example, the proportion of global gold ETF open interest in the annual gold consumption volume in 2004 was merely 5 percent. But in 2010, the figure has grown to be more than 50 percent, which provides an important support to the ever rising international gold price. Xue Feng, analyst of the research department of CITIC Securities, believes that the currency environment in major European and American countries will stay loose due to the slow recovery of the job market and the limited choices of financial policies. The market is not confident about currency stability, which may be the most important potential support to the bull market of hard currencies such as gold.

Regarding the performance of gold in the securities market, Xue Feng said they would maintain the comment of ��stronger than the general market�� because of the stable high price of gold, the optimistic medium-long term perspective in the market, and definite expectations for the growth of domestic companies.

In addition, the analysis report by China International Capital Corporation suggests that the relevancy between gold and US dollar has increased from 2003 to 2004. The risk asset attribute of gold puts it in a negative correlation with the riskless US dollar. Nonetheless, gold can also be used as a hedge asset, which puts it in a positive correlation with the US dollar. In 2010, a positive correlation was found between gold and the US dollar. As the globally macro-economic environment improves, the function of gold as a hedge asset will weaken. Therefore, it can be expected that a long-term negative correlation between gold and the US dollar will resume in the market in future.

Besides, international data show that global gold ETF has increasing holding of 330 tons of gold. As per the end of 2010, the total volume was 2,140 tons (total value of about US$98 billion dollar). In December 2010, a new height of 2,155 tons was recorded. However, the increment rate in 2010 was almost reduced by one half of that in 2009 which witnessed a growth of 614 tons. This somehow reflects the operation method of institutions in taking the right opportunity to lock in the profit in 2010. It is a method ordinary investors should also pay attention to and follow.

During the Spring Festival, the reporter learned from Beijing Caishikou Department Store and other jewelry stores that consumers were very enthusiastic in buying gold accessories, new-year gold bars and investment in gold bullion. Gold rabbit pendants and Chinese zodiac silver and gold coins fell short of demands.

Business celebrity porn insiders point out that limited versions of new-year gold bars are excellent investment collections generally. However, whether their values will increase or not will depend on the market trend of the specific variety of collection. If what the investor pursues is the value maintenance and appreciation, then it is suggested that the investor should buy gold bars through normal channels, which offer the products at relatively low price and have more reliable and convenient repurchase system.
Emas bakal videos porno gay kuasai dunia & Amerika akan menjadi negara dunia Ketiga? PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 09 February 2011 01:38


    Amerika Serikat berada di ambang pintu untuk segera menjadi sebuah negara Dunia Ketiga, seiring negara itu masih berjuang menggelepar-gelepar karena utang besar-besaran, pengangguran yang meloncat tajam dan ekonomi yang terus memburuk.

Beberapa tanda-tanda peringatan itu sudah muncul dalam beberapa tahun belakangan ini. Tanda-tanda yang mungkin menunjukkan kejatuhan fantastis Amerika dari sebuah negara Dunia Pertama menjadi negara Dunia Ketiga, termasuk meningkatnya pengangguran dan kemiskinan.

Menurut Gay Porn Spiegel Online, Amerika Serikat baru-baru ini dihadapkan dengan sebuah fenomena baru yang disebut "negara yang baru miskin."

Di Ventura California—sebuah kota resor yang mewah—sekitar 20 persen dari penduduknya berisiko menjadi tunawisma alias tidak lagi punya rumah.

Menurut hentai porn pics Kapten William Finley, kepala cabang lokal dari Salvation Army, orang-orang yang dulunya kaya, yang telah kehilangan rumah mereka, kini terpaksa tidur di mobil mahal mereka yang diparkir di sudut-sudut kota.

Lebih jauh lagi dia menambahkan bahwa dalam bulan-bulan terakhir ini, jumlah orang yang mengambil program makanan bebas, meningkat menjadi dua kali lipat. Banyak dari mereka yang mengendarai BMW ternyata terpaksa menerima makanan gratis, tambahnya.

Sinyal naked celebrities lain yang menandai runtuhnya kebesaran Amerika adalah hilangnya rakyat kelas menengah.

Selama beberapa tahun terakhir ini, kesenjangan antara orang kaya dan miskin meningkat dengan kecepatan yang sangat mengejutkan, dan secara sistematis telah menghapus keberadaan kelas menengah dari Amerika.


Ketidaksetaraan pendapatan di negara Paman Sam juga telah mencapai tahap di mana hanya satu persen saja dari rakyat Amerika sendiri yang menikmati total kekayaan negara.

Itu berarti bahwa jika sebuah CEO (Chief Executive Officer) rata-rata menerima 30 kali lebih banyak sebagai pekerja biasa di tahun 1950, hari ini ia menerima bayaran sebanyak 300 kali lipat.

Sementara itu, dalam laporan tahunannya saat ini, Departemen Pertanian AS menekankan bahwa sekitar 50 juta orang Amerika tidak mampu membayar makanan yang cukup di tahun 2009. Tidak cukup makanan berarti berpengaruh untuk tetap sehat.

Laporan itu juga menyebutkan bahwa satu dari delapan orang Amerika dewasa dan satu dari empat anak-anak sekarang hidup bergantung pada kupon makanan dari pemerintah. Ini adalah angka yang luar biasa bagi sebuah negara terkaya di dunia, demikian Spiegel.

Sejauh ini, politisi Amerika sendiri dinilai telah gagal untuk mengentaskan krisis yang semakin hari semakin berkembang.

Penerima gay male sex Nobel bidang Ekonomi, Paul Krugman menulis pada bulan lalu bahwa "Cahaya akan menjauh dari seluruh Amerika." Hal ini disebabkan oleh fakta bahwa banyak warga Amerika tidak bisa lagi menghabiskan uang karena mereka tidak memiliki tabungan.

Rumah mereka telah kehilangan separuh dari nilainya; mereka tidak lagi memenuhi syarat untuk pinjaman—bahkan untuk pinjaman yang berbunga rendah, mereka menghasilkan uang kurang dari sebelumnya atau mereka sedang menganggur. Hal ini pada gilirannya mengurangi atau menghilangkan kemampuan mereka untuk membayar pajak.

Akibatnya, banyak negara bagian dan pemerintah daerah menghadapi defisit anggaran yang sangat besar. Di Hawaii, beberapa sekolah ditutup di hari Jumat untuk menghemat uang negara. Sebuah desa di Georgia telah menghilangkan semua layanan bis umum dan di Colorado Springs, sebuah kota yang berpenduduk 380.000 orang, sepertiga dari lampu jalannya telah dimatikan untuk menghemat listrik.

Bahkan, Amerika Serikat, yang saat ini tenggelam dalam krisis utang besar di atas 90% dari PDB (Produk Domestik Bruto), terancam oleh Zaman Es sosial yang lebih parah daripada apa pun yang negara itu pernah alami sejak era The Great Depression.

Inilah sebabnya mengapa bulan lalu, seorang kolumnis online terkemuka, Arianna Huffington, mengeluarkan peringatan hampir apokaliptik bahwa "Amerika sedang berada dalam bahaya besar; menjadi sebuah negara Dunia Ketiga." (sa/presstv)

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